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Avid Rolls Out MediaCentral | Stream Software

Avid MediaCentral | Stream
(Image credit: Avid)

BURLINGTON, Mass.—Avid has made available a new software-only system that enables the ingest of incoming IP streams for television news and remote live TV production in both on-premises and cloud-based workflows, the MediaCentral | Stream.

MediaCentral | Stream supports IP contribution from anywhere and any device, per Avid, including cameras, encoders and mobile devices. Users can preview incoming streams, record them and edit media while the recording is ongoing. MediaCentral | Stream provides support for the RTMP and SRT IP stream protocols.

Content delivered via compressed IP streams can be used like other content ingested into Avid production environments. This helps to avoid disruption to workflows and makes it easier for media received via IP streams to be previewed and edited within the MediaCentral platform and in Media Composer and other production tools.

In addition, teams can receive streams from remote senders in a variety of formats and have them available in the production system quickly.

“IP protocols are being leveraged more and more for contribution to support news, sports and remote live production providing significant cost and operational benefits,” said Raul Alba, director of Product Marketing, Media & Cloud at Avid. “MediaCentral l Stream enables those incoming streams to be ingested, re-wrapped or transcoded into production-friendly formats to support on premises or cloud-deployed Avid production workflows.”

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