Avid Releases iNEWS Command System

Avid Technology has released the Avid iNEWS Command system, Version 1.0. The system promises precise automation control of news play-out devices, such as video servers, character generators, and still stores. It is designed to integrate with Avid's iNEWS and most other popular newsroom automation systems.

"The iNEWS Command system provides robust, on-air reliability without requiring investment in costly full-station automation," said Johnathon Howard, director of on-air product management at Avid. "The system is targeted specifically for play-out operations and is the ideal solution for broadcasters that want to link together multiple on-air devices and workflows, and reduce transmission errors."

iNEWS Command is designed to allow operators to make last minute changes to news program rundowns and to trigger play-out events based on those rundowns, which can be generated by Avid iNEWS or by other third-party MOS-enabled newsroom playlists.

The system offers native control of the Avid Deko group of graphics systems and the Avid Thunder line of still- and clip-store devices.