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Autoscript to Show TFT8HB On-camera Prompting System

Autoscript’s TFT8HB on-camera prompting system
Autoscript will feature its newly redesigned 8-inch Hi-bright TFT (TFT8HB) on-camera prompting system at the NAB Show.

Autoscript’s 8-inch TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) units are lightweight. New features include illuminated switches and 1600 nits of enhanced brightness, suitable for use in both darkness and direct sunlight. The TFT8HB now includes a built-in cue/tally light, with an Opto Sensor input and repeat output—turning from green to red when signaling the live camera. Additionally, balanced differential Composite inputs help reject common-mode noise and hum on the incoming signal cable.

Powered with 12v DC, the TFT8HB also comes equipped with either a mounting plate or handheld mount and a folding hood. The MT/Blue sliding mounting plate is fully adjustable, while the handheld mount utilizes the camera accessory boss and camera handle to rig the prompter.

Autoscript will be at Booth C6625.