Autocue launches two-port video server

UK newsroom and broadcast production company Autocue has introduced a two-port server with SDI inputs to complement its existing analogue and four-port products. The server is being touted for a wide range of applications including education, corporate and faith productions, live events, cinema, theatre, small TV stations as well as support functions for large broadcast operations.

The servers can be used on their own, as part of an Autocue automation system, or as part of other third-party transmission or automation systems. The product can fulfil specific roles as part of a larger system or act as the central component in a smaller production workflow.

With over 2TB of useable storage, the 3U rack-mountable Linux-based server includes a custom GUI that incorporates video and audio monitoring and supports a range of formats for record and playback.

Additional software modules for tasks such as creating playlists, linking ports for simultaneous playback or record operations, marking in and out points, and third party control via VDCP or P9 protocols, are available for all models in the range.