Auralex Acoustics introduces Eco-Friendly StudioFoam at NAMM conference

At the recent NAMM convention, Auralex Acoustics introduced the first green acoustical foam product on the market, Eco-Friendly StudioFoam. The product includes soy components, which reduces petroleum-based chemical usage by up to 60 percent, lessening dependence on fossil fuels. This greener formula helps reduce global warming emissions but retains its longevity and acoustical properties.

Auralex StudioFoam is manufactured without harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have been implicated in the depletion of the ozone layer. In making the conversion over to the new soy-based hybrid formula, these products now boast an improved performance and durability over conventional petroleum-based foams.

“Green initiatives are no longer reserved for environmentalists. Consumers as a whole are moving toward ecologically-friendly lifestyles and products,” says Dave Paxton, director of operations at Auralex Acoustics. “Auralex will continue to create products that are beneficial to the audio industry as well as those that are conducive to our environment.”

Eco-Friendly StudioFoam is available in the same color choices and cuts as the original, and there is no increase in cost to either the dealer or client. The new offering also meets and exceeds the standard quality of product and testing data (acoustical and fire).

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