Audio Precision introduces new Digital Serial I/O interface

Audio Precision, makers of audio test and measurement gear, has introduced a new digital serial I/O module for its APx range of audio analyzers. The multichannel APx Digital Serial I/O option allows engineers to test audio devices at the level of individual ICs rather than being limited to evaluating only the external inputs and outputs of a device, making it of particular interest to HDMI chip developers. When used with AP’s existing HDMI interface option, an APx analyzer — already capable measuring audio embedded in HDMI — becomes an HDMI chip debugging tool.

The Digital Serial I/O option allows all normal audio measurements to be carried out on A/D and D/A converters, codecs, DSPs and sample-rate converters. It features built-in support for the most widespread serial interface formats, and the interface can generate and measure up to eight audio channels simultaneously using TDM or multiple data lines. Other innovations include independent input and output clocks; dedicated, buffered oscilloscope monitors; and presets for testing popular audio devices.

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