Audio Precision announces new signal generator option for APx analyzers

Audio Precision has released the AG52 analog generator, a new hardware option for the APx Series of audio analyzers. Support for this new option is part of the larger APx v2.4 software release, also now available. With the new AG52 generator option, the APx can generate clean square waves with a rise time better than 2µs. Supported by all two-channel models in the APx line, the AG52 can also generate all popular DIM test signals to complement a corresponding new DIM distortion measurement capability in the software, all highly desirable for power amp test and measurement.

Due to special circuit techniques, the AG52 does not suffer from the ringing and rise time issues facing converter-based audio analyzers. Other benefits of the dedicated hardware include a 2dB improvement in THD+N (to -110dB typical) and an increase in maximum output level from 21.21Vrms to 26.66Vrms (balanced).

Other new features in the APx500 v2.4 include digital audio protocol analysis, acoustic response measurements, new HDMI and Dolby/DTS support, auxiliary control I/O for production test and richer graphing, reporting and signal monitor options.