Audinate Adds Multichannel and ASIO Support to Dante

PORTLAND, ORE.—As the seasons head from summer to fall, Audinate is also turning the page with its Dante Via audio networking software, offering a new updated version. Dante Via 1.1 is now available worldwide and features multichannel support, support for ASIO device drivers, source mixes with individual level controls, the ability to append channels, and a Device Lock feature.

Dante Via is able to connect all computer-based audio to any Dante audio network. With version 1.1 the system is now is able to support ASIO-connected devices on Windows as well. The system now also has the ability to support up to 16x16 channels of audio for each application and up to 32x32 channels for connected devices. This will allow for audio connections to be established between multiple applications and devices within one computer, or between multiple computers using Dante audio networking.

Additional features include Device Lock, which prevents unwanted change to Dante Via from other computers on the network; a new mixer panel for level adjustments of multiple sources that are combined at stereo destinations; and new Append channels that automatically assigns sources to available channels when connecting to multichannel destinations.

Dante Via 1.1 runs on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 or Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher. It can support up to 48 source and 48 destination channels, as well as 16 channel I/O for as many as four simultaneous applications.

Current Dante Via users can upgrade to the new version for free. None users can purchase it at a price of $49.95.