Audemat Group releases new DMB transmission monitor, DMB mobile meter at IBC2008

At IBC2008, Audemat introduced its complete line of digital TV DMB products including its NAVIGATOR DMB monitor and DMB mobile meter.

The 1RU DMB monitor comes in three different versions for cost-efficiency. As a stand-alone DMB monitoring unit, it can be installed at a transmitter site or in the coverage area to automatically check RF and/or ETI inputs. The unit monitors up to 40 multiplexes in sequential mode on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that all data complies with preset expectations, such as customized alarms. Connected via Ethernet, the DMB monitor can be controlled remotely using Audemat management software or SNMP-based network software like Broadcast Manager.

The NAVIGATOR DVB-T/H and GOLDENEAGLE ATSC with mobile measurement option enable coverage and signal quality with precise measurements and GPS information. It measures changes in the transmission system, antennas or environment and plots results into mapping software or Google Earth for a 3-D representation of area coverage.

Features include mobile measurement campaigns, driving or on foot, with GPS positioning, RF and MPEG analysis, DMB band scanning, data export (custom text file, Google Earth, LStelcom), video display with sound, mapping representation with GPS positioning, an enhanced campaign reader and optional GOLDENEYE quality evaluation software.

The new NAVIGATOR DMB mobile meter unit features a portable professional receiver for use either on foot or in a vehicle moving at normal speed, indoors or out, with GPS positioning. It offers map-based presentation of the coverage, content monitoring and display and measurement recording. Optional quality evaluation software lets broadcasters quantify their signal with a quality index.

The unit allows campaigns to be dedicated simultaneously to a single or multiple channels. The NAVIGATOR DMB performs real-time measurements, analyzes and displays RF and MPEG data, records measurement data internally on the NAVIGATOR DMB, automatically records and displays GPS position, allows manual data position input (in case GPS reception fails and for adding notes) and displays measurement data in cartographic form.

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