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ARRIS features upgraded C4 CMTS 24U CAM at NCTA

ARRIS showcased its newly enhanced C4 CMTS 24U Cable Access Module (CAM) last week at The Cable Show in Chicago.

The 24U CAM doubles the previous upstream density of the C4 CMTS, allowing cable service providers to deploy faster services, including DOCSIS 3.0 upstream channel bonding, with less capital expense.

The 24U CAM supports from 5-42MHz to 5-65MHz and 5-85MHz for upstream services, which allows operators to use more spectrum for future services, extending upstream HFC capability. The 24U CAM is fully supported using today's C4 control complex and other chassis components, offering investment protection for all C4 CMTS customers.

Coupled with the recently introduced XD CAM double density downstream module, the C4 CMTS now delivers high availability with high density.