ARRI Opens New U.K. Mixed Reality Studio

Photo: ARRI/Landscape plate: David Noton
ARRI has created a permanent state-of-the-art LED volume stage in collaboration with Creative Technology. (Image credit: ARRI)

LONDON—ARRI has opened a new state-of-the-art mixed reality studio on its Uxbridge, U.K., premises outfitted with an LED volume consisting of 1,125-square-feet of LED wall, making the studio one of the largest such permanent production spaces in Europe, the company announced today.

Installed in partnership with NEP Live Events production and technical specialist Creative Technology, the LED volume consists of a main, in-vision curve that is 98.4 x 16.4 feet; two moveable and tiltable side screens, each 9.8 x 13.8 feet; and a height-adjustable 31.5 x 31.5-foot ceiling. A 59.1 x 13.8-foot back curve completes the fully encapsulated space, ARRI said.

The studio can be programmed to display 360-degree imagery, which even when not in frame casts dynamic, integrated lighting effects onto performers and the scene being shot. The in-vision curve is constructed of ROE Visual Ruby 2.3 panels and the side, ceiling and back cure use ROE Visual Carbon CB5 panels, it said.

“Collaborating with best-for-purpose suppliers of all the varied required technologies has enabled ARRI to deliver a full solution for mixed reality in our Uxbridge studio. These industry-leading hardware and software tools could not be better complemented than with ARRI cameras, lenses, stabilizers, lights, and workflow support, which can be provided to productions as a package deal on site,” said Jannie van Wyk, managing director of ARRI Rentals.

The 7,621-square-foot studio is being offered for hire for short and long-form productions as well as for events, education and R&D. Technical support and advice tailored to the needs of each production are available from ARRI Creative Technology and its partners. For productions new to mixed reality, technical support can be extended to a full script-to-screen service, it said.

The ARRI Solutions Group provided studio design and system integration. Creative Technology designed and installed the video walls, playback systems and control solutions. Mo-Sys supplied a StarTracker camera tracking system and VP Pro XR; and Epic Games provided its Unreal Engine 3D creation tool. NVidia’s RTX A6000 GPUs power the image processing.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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