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ArcSoft demonstrates OMAP 4 platform support at Mobile World Congress 2012

ArcSoft announced that its latest applications, Perfect365 and High Quality Night Shot, are now integrated with and optimized for the smart multicore OMAP 4 platform from Texas Instruments, enabling consumers to enjoy high-quality imaging and faster processing on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile World Congress 2012 attendees have the opportunity to witness firsthand the unique mobile applications capabilities driven by these applications. The first demonstration leverages Perfect365's patented imaging and facial recognition technology — enabling users to apply various makeup templates and fine tune their look with accurate, natural results through one-touch cleanup tools.

The company's second demonstration will showcase its High Quality Night Shot technology. This technology significantly improves the quality of photos captured under night or dark lighting conditions by efficiently brightening underexposed areas, reducing dark and ISO noise, and minimizing the hand shake blur due to slow shutter speed.

ArcSoft Perfect365 and High Quality Night Shot Applications are fully optimized and tuned to run best on the features-rich, high-performing OMAP 4 Android imaging platform. The High Quality Night Shot is based on a multi-frame technology, which fully leverages the OMAP processor's ultra-fast burst capture mode, zero shutter lag and high-speed exposure bracketing modes.

Both applications benefit from the OMAP processor's two ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs for applications-specific post-processing effects, with complex imaging computing such as fast pixel and sharpness processing being performed on the processor’s Image Signal Processor and two low-power, Cortex-M3 CPUs.