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AP Upgrades Broadcast Newswires

The Associated Press (AP) is making it easier for its members to get national and international content and to better take advantage of AP's multimedia coverage resources.

The enhancements provide broadcast members with more focused planning tools, topical news summaries, more entertainment-related information and more real-time sports content.

"This is an aggressive effort to provide our members with the crucial information they need to keep today's audiences tuned in," said Managing Editor and Deputy Director of AP Broadcast Brad Kalbfeld.

New and updated features include AP Coverage Rundown, AP Right Now, AP Sports Right Now, AP Business Right Now and Scores on the Fours. The three AP Right Now packages are compilations of streamlined story capsules that help producers, editors and planners get the latest essential news. The AP Coverage Rundown is a planning tool for editors, planners and programmers that is delivered throughout the day. The AP Broadcast news wires will also move additional sports scores.

AP provides content to more than 5,000 television and radio stations and 1,000 U.S. media Web sites that use the AP's text stories, audio, video graphics and photo services for creating on-air and online products and services.