AP Unveils ENPS Multiplatform Upgrade

LONDON -- The Associated Press today released a multiplatform version of its ENPS newsroom production software.

AP describe ENPS Vers. 7 as a “dramatic overhaul,” with a new look, interface and tools.

Vers. 7 is said to feature a modern interface allowing increased flexibility to configure the ENPS desktop. Content display can be customized while retaining enterprisewide access. It allows for easier creation of content for multiple platforms—broadcast, online and social media—in one place. EPNS Vers. 7 also features an integrated, calendar-based planning process that provides both local and global information.

The new ENPS dashboard allows each user to create “a custom, real-time view of wires, media, assignments and more,” according to AP. It also enables drag-and-drop media upload in the field, while a new detached “Alert Bar” carries messages about breaking news even as users are working on other stories.

There is no charge for the upgrade to existing ENPS customers. New ENPS customers will receive the new version.