Anti-slip pad supports cable bundles and reduces pull tension

Middle Atlantic Products has unveiled its ASP-OWP Series of anti-slip cable pads designed to improve cable management and performance in broadcast applications.

When cable is dropped in from the top of racks and enclosures where hook-and-loop or wire tie fasteners are used, the weight of the cable creates a significant and often problematic strain on the tie points, connection points and horizontal to vertical transition points. The new ASP-OWP Series of anti-slip pads has been designed to remove close to 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension where cables are fastened.

More importantly, these unique pads eliminate the need to over-tighten the cable fastener to the point where it deforms or kinks the cables, an issue that can interrupt critical broadcast transmissions.

Featuring a high-tack polymer material that provides a permanent high-friction surface unaffected by temperature extremes, the pads can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to insure that dust or other debris does not affect tackiness. Like other Middle Atlantic products, the adhesive material is odorless, non-toxic and contains no latex.

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