AMX acquires Endeleo

AMX announced that it has acquired Endeleo, a U.K.-based manufacturer of TV and multiformat media distribution technologies. Endeleo’s managed TV and multiformat media distribution systems allow simultaneous delivery of broadcast and video content to multiple display devices. The move will improve AMX penetration into key vertical markets, such as business, education, government, retail and entertainment,

President and CEO Rashid Skaf of AMX hailed the move as part of the firm’s strategic plan to extend its product portfolio in the areas of content delivery and retrieval. Endeleo products deliver media over Cat5 cable, which decouples distribution of the media from the corporate backbone. This media can be delivered at lengths of up to 3000ft to thousands of display devices, including TVs, LCDs, plasma screens or computers. Both of Endeleo’s media distribution systems can be easily integrated with AMX control and automation systems.

Endeleo will be fully integrated into AMX, and all current Endeleo employees will become AMX employees. AMX has formed a new group called the Endeleo Group that will focus on both market and product development. The product family will be branded Endeleo and all individual product models will maintain their original model names.

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