AMT and Dejero Outfit IP Newsgathering Vehicles for Network

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA—Dejero and Accelerated Media Technologies announced that a major U.S. news network has deployed IP newsgathering vehicles, designed and built by AMT and integrating the Dejero Live+ VSET bonded wireless transmitter, to five of its local affiliates across the United States. The vehicles pair Ka-band satellite transmission equipment with cellular bonding technology.

A Dejero technology partner, AMT specializes in vehicle integration for a range of mobile applications including broadcasting. The company has integrated the Live+ VSET, Dejero’s 1U vehicle-mount bonded wireless transmitter, in both its Swift DS/ENG line of Ford E-Series vans, and its new Explorer IPNG Series based on the Ford Explorer. Dejero said the Explorer IPNG is AMT’s first purely IP-based transmission vehicle.

The Dejero Live+ VSET bonds the Ka-band satellite link with available cellular networks for live shots. The combination yields less than a second of latency as compared to 2.2 second for Ka-band alone, the vendor said. Dejero’s patent-pending Intelligent Connection Management technology continually monitors and adjusts the network combination in real time to ensure error resiliency and picture quality. For instance, during rain fade and other atmospheric conditions that cause Ka-band satellite bandwidth to decrease, the Dejero Live+ VSET will automatically pick up the drop in bandwidth by transmitting over the cellular networks. Back at the broadcast facility, the Dejero Live+ Portal cloud-based monitoring, managing, and reporting system provides analytics on the LIVE+ transmitters deployed in the field and the transmission success rate.