Amino and Digital Keystone showcase DK Maelstrom-powered IP gateway

Amino and Digital Keystone will showcase the DK Maelstrom™-powered gateway solution running on the Amino hybrid/OTT media gateway at the Intel booth at CES 2012.

The combination of hardware and software allows viewers to watch premium live and recorded TV anywhere in the home on any consumer platform. All content is securely delivered to all devices, without relying on multiple content copies, custom players or applications, while at the same time reducing the burden on service providers.

“Consumers want premium content on the device of their choice,” said Paolo Siccardo, president and CEO of Digital Keystone. “They cannot be anchored to just a large-format screen. The innovative Amino Freedom media gateway , with its powerful transcoding capabilities, together with the Maelstrom software enable the discovery and authentication of any device, and transparently stream optimized content, metadata, and control. We are very pleased to co-operate with Amino to deliver a full-featured solution for premium content distribution.”