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Amazon announces cloud-based graphics processing unit

Amazon Web Services has announced Amazon Cluster GPU Instances, designed to deliver the power of photo-realistic GPU processing in the cloud.

GPUs are increasingly being used to accelerate the performance of many general-purpose computing problems. However, for many organizations, GPU processing has been out of reach due to the unique infrastructural challenges and high cost of the technology.

Amazon Cluster GPU Instances removes this price barrier by providing developers and businesses immediate access to the highly tuned compute performance of GPUs with no upfront investment or long-term commitment.

It provides 22GB of memory, 33.5 EC2 Compute Units and uses the Amazon EC2 Cluster network, which provides high throughput and low latency for HPC and data-intensive applications. Each GPU instance features two NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs, delivering peak performance of more than one trillion double-precision FLOPS.

Graphics rendering already uses GPU processors to improve the performance of critical applications. Amazon Cluster GPU Instances extends the options for running HPC workloads in the AWS cloud. Cluster Compute Instances, launched earlier this year, provides the ability to create clusters of instances connected by a low latency, high-throughput network.