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Alltel to offer parental controls for mobile Web

Mobile Web content is pervasive enough these days to require parental controls, at least according to Alltel. The U.S. wireless provider is teaming up with Bytemobile to make available by February 2008 Alltel Parental Controls, a content filtering application.

Based on Bytemobile’s Unison ACCESS mobile content filtering solution, Alltel Parental Controls will employ a comprehensive database of Web sites that may be inappropriate for children, allowing parents to filter content on their child’s phone. Alltel and Bytemobile have tapped RuleSpace to provide a content filtering database for the application. The service will include a special feature called dynamic rating, which supplements the database and enables Alltel to remain informed of newly discovered, unrated and mixed-content sites. In addition, the service will feature real-time capabilities allowing for instant site ratings, as well as the ability to selectively block different pieces of content on the same Web page.

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