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Algolith Introduces 'One Price, One Platform, More Choices' Program

At IBC2008, Algolith, a Montreal-based developer of video processing gear for professional broadcast, introduced a new program that offers numerous video processing functions on one card, for one price.

Offered for its Algogear line of products, the "One Price, One Platform, More Choices" program allows customers to purchase all Algogear applications for $5,995. For that price, users get all the conversion functions that Algolith offers, including noise reduction, upconversion, downconversion, frame synchronization and line delay.

The FPGA-based Algogear series card features a reprogrammable core, allowing customers to repurpose card functionality on an as needed basis. The cards are designed for the openGear frame and are controlled by DashBoard software.

Algolith also introduced new downconversion and line delay features to existing noise reduction, upconversion and frame synchronization functions in the Algogear product line.

The XVC-1001-DC downconverter provides high-quality conversion from HD to SD video formats and supports embedded audio (16 channels, 4 groups), closed caption, and timecode information. The XVC-1001-DC-BF provides additional background fill capabilities, allowing unused portions of the image introduced by downconversion to be filled with video or graphics.

The Algogear VLD-1002-MD Video Line Delay delays applications in both SD and HD on up to two channels. Delay programming can be added in time units (secs.) or video units (pixels, lines or frames). In a two-channel configuration, the VLD-1002-MD provides up to five seconds of delay in HD and 30 seconds in SD with the optional 2 GB SODIMM (small-outline dual-inline memory module). The delay can be doubled in a one-channel configuration. The VLD-1002-MD will automatically delay embedded audio (16 channels, 4 groups) to compensate for the video delay. Ancillary data, closed caption and timecode information are also delayed according to video.