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Aggies Tap Studio Technologies Interface

Texas A&M is a huge sports school. This is even reflected on our Web site with the line "We provide our student-athletes with all the necessary tools for them to be Champions in their sport and life."

Fans can keep up with Texas A&M athletics each week on "The Aggie Sports Connection" television show. We're also seen live around the country on ESPN, ESPN Plus, ESPN 2 and several networks.

As chief engineer, I have to ensure that production of our hundreds of sports events goes as smoothly as possible. That's why we're such fans of the Studio Technologies Model 46 Interface.


Currently, we are using four Model 46 units to extend the reach of our RTS intercom through our fiber backbone. We operate one control room and operations center for big screen and television production of athletic events. With the use of our dedicated single mode fiber backbone, we're able to use one production/ops center to control any of eight different venues.

Each venue has a camera crew and a local producer, and this is where the Model 46 comes in. We have terminal gear in place to provide audio tie-lines through the fiber, and simply hang the Model 46 on these audio ties.

A great feature of the Model 46 is that it also provides a powered two-wire connection conveniently placed on both the front and rear of the package so we can run several RTS belt packs from one unit. This helps us minimize the amount of intercom equipment at each venue. The flexibility of having a couple of two-channel units in a single rack unit is great.

It's hard to believe the sound quality when you first hear it. This is pro audio all the way. As far as I'm concerned, the name Studio Technologies says it all. This interface is studio quality; it's very, very quiet—almost zero noise.

Considering the quality of the unit, it's incredibly easy to use. The auto null feature is great for our applications. Push one button, then in a few seconds you're done. It provides perfect nulling and plenty of headroom on both send and receive.

We've discovered another great use for the Model 46 in connection with the deployment of one of the first Intercom Over IP (IOIP) systems. Using the Model 46 with our IOIP allows us access to our RTS party line system intercom almost anywhere there's an Internet connection. This virtual intercom operates at 32 kHz, and when connecting the party line through the Model 46, the audio quality really is unbelievable.


Working with Studio Technologies has been great. The Model 46 ships with instructions and installation documents that provide examples for almost any configuration. It's also quite easy to pick up the phone and talk to the folks that designed and built the box. That gives "made in the USA" a whole new meaning!

For additional information, contact Studio Technologies Inc. at 847-676-9177 or visit