AFMG releases EASE Focus 2

Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) has released EASE Focus 2. This major upgrade to EASE Focus 1 adds a host of new features, including 3-D direct sound modeling with plan view and section view displays; simulation of digitally steered columns and other configurable loudspeakers; and modeling of multiple systems within a single project.

EASE Focus version 2 represents another stepping stone in AFMG’s strategy to provide the pro audio community with easy-to-use, accurate acoustic modeling software that is inexpensive or even free. The new version combines several years of feedback from Focus 1 users worldwide. In addition to 3-D modeling of projects, which can now include multiple systems, Focus 2 empowers users to work with configurable loudspeakers such as digitally steered columns. It also supports the GLL loudspeaker data format and facilitates direct data exchange with EASE and other AFMG software. Other new features are a virtual equalizer for tuning systems within the simulation and computational coverage of the entire audio bandwidth from 20Hz to 20kHz.

EASE Focus 2 is free to end users. The program is available via direct download from AFMG. EASE Focus 2 is also available from licensing manufacturers, including Turbosound, Renkus-Heinz, Alcons Audio, FZ Audio, LD Premium, K-array, POL-AUDIO, Fane Systems, Master Audio, Seer Audio, IBO, Paragon Sound and WorxAudio. AFMG will continue to make EASE Focus 1 freely available to end users and to license it to loudspeaker manufacturers.