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Advent Communications to feature FlyDrive at NAB2007

Satellite uplink manufacturer Advent Communications will feature its latest dual-purpose FlyDrive antennas and its new half-rack sized 5000 series antenna controllers at NAB2007.

The company will show the FlyDrive in two modes: the 1.5m FlyDrive will be mounted as a driveaway, with its new 5000 series electronics fully motorized and working, and the 1.2m FlyDrive antenna will be shown as a flyaway with two IATA-compliant flight cases.

New at NAB, the 5000 series Antenna Controller Unit (ACU) includes an optional Satfinder upgrade in the same unit, and the Drive Control Unit (DCU) that controls the motors for antenna elevation and azimuth. The company has also added a new block upconverter for Ku-band use.

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