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ActiveVideo Networks makes CloudTV technology available to CE manufacturers

ActiveVideo Networks, a provider of cloud-based interactive television solutions, announced a comprehensive strategy this week to deliver its CloudTV platform to consumer electronics devices. At the Intel Developer Forum in September, ActiveVideo and partner Videon Central successfully demonstrated the integration of the ActiveVideo client with Videon Central’s Blu-ray Disc middleware.

The ActiveVideo CloudTV platform leverages content stored and processed in the network cloud to expand the reach and availability of Web-based user experiences that are redefining interactive television (iTV 2.0). Content is delivered as a single, adaptable MPEG stream to the CE device, which passes key clicks from standard remote controls through the CE device to the cloud. ActiveVideo integrates with any device, enabling manufacturers to support Web-infused programming, navigation and advertising that is delivered with the quality and immediacy viewers expect from TV.

In addition, because the power of CloudTV is in the network and not in the device itself, the impact of the ActiveVideo client is minimal. The thin ActiveVideo client can be downloaded easily to the hard drives of existing network-aware CE devices, or built into the chipsets of new devices.

Already in more than 5 million homes with cable and IPTV providers, ActiveVideo enables rapid development of new content that can differentiate product and service offerings, without increasing bill of materials costs.

CloudTV enables CE manufacturers and retailers to provide consumers with a television experience that combines the best features of television and the Web, including a compelling blend of choice, quality, immediacy and remote control navigation. In addition, CloudTV supports social networking capabilities that allow viewers to link online communities with television viewing, and to share recommendations on TV shows, movies or other media.