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AccuWeather has unveiled a new 2010 Hurricane Center, which provides free, up-to-date tropical storm news and other features to help users stay on top of storm development before they occur. The company said that not only is this season predicted to be among the top 10 on record in terms of severe storm activity, but there is also the potential for other consequences since the Gulf oil slick may be impacted by hurricane activity.

The Hurricane Center offers exclusive access to updates on the 2010 hurricane season forecast created by Joe Bastardi, one of the world’s most respected hurricane forecasting specialists.

Users have access to an interactive hurricane tracker, which shows storm paths and projections so users can track movements of dangerous formations; a current sea temperature map, for tracking “hot spots” for potential storm development; weather news stories; as well as breaking weather and expert videos.

Bastardi has predicted a total of 16-18 storms and an early start with one or two threats by early July. Fifteen storms could strike amid the western Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. He is forecasting seven storms to impact the United States, five of those being hurricanes. Two or three of those hurricanes will be major landfalls for the United States.