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AccuWeather Debuts StoryTeller+ Interactive Touch Screen

(Image credit: AccuWeather)

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—AccuWeather is rolling out its new StoryTeller+ all-in-one interactive touch screen platform designed to help newsrooms cover many different aspects of stories.

StoryTeller+ serves as a user-friendly platform that can create graphics and features such as maps, charts and live polling from a single software program.

Among the StoryTeller+ features is the Telestrator, which helps refine presentations with highlights, arrows, lines, circles and more to communicate and indicate a specific point. MediaMix allows for the incorporation of graphics, canned videos, websites and live video sources for content delivery. The LivePoll feature provides viewer feedback into any story by running a poll and watching the results automatically appear in real-time. In addition, a BallotBox feature enables coverage of county-by-county, state-by-state and even congressional district elections.

On the weather front, StoryTeller+ offers dynamic transitions and improved mapping for presentations, according to AccuWeather.

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