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Accedian Networks Performance Assurance Agent introduces multicast service testing

Part of Accedian Networks’ Packet Performance Assurance solutions for telecom, cable and wireless communications providers, its new Performance Assurance Agent (PAA) delivers multicast service testing to ensure the quality of service for real-time, packet-based broadcast and communications applications. The multicast PAA for EtherNID and MetroNID demarcation units measure packet transmission performance and server responsiveness to monitor large-scale IPTV, VoIP conferencing, telepresence and mobile TV media streaming applications.

PAA targets demanding business services and 3G and 4G (Imax/LTE) wireless backhaul applications. The system continuously measures microsecond-resolution, one-way delay and jitter; frame loss; and continuity for point-to-point, hub-and-spoke and full-mesh services. The new multicast PAA extends these capabilities to monitor broadcast-style services over wireless and wireline networks, with the ability to simultaneously test from the multicast source (headend) to each cell site or subscribed enterprise location independently.

As well as monitoring unidirectional streaming performance, the PAA's Internet Group Management Protocol support provides measurements to help validate video channel change time and conferencing join/leave delay.

The EchoVault SLA EMS platform centralizes results from thousands of endpoints to provide per-second QoS reporting, graphing, fault management and operational support system (OSS) integration in real time. With a much higher level of granularity than SNMP-based monitoring systems, the EchoVault SLA EMS enables the carrier-grade 99.999 percent availability required for real-time services.

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