360 Systems to unveil 2470HD Time Delay

The new 360 Systems 2470HD Time Delay can accommodate delays up to 24 hours to allow for storage of an entire day’s content for emergency use.

360 Systems will introduce the 2470HD Time Delay as a reliable way to compensate for time zone differences at IBC2009. For instance, feeds to affiliates in western time zones can be delayed or a local station can delay incoming programs to accommodate the schedule. Delays up to 24 hours can be programmed, allowing storage of a full day's content for emergency use.

A visually lossless form of JPEG2000 encoding produces high image quality without the blocking or motion artifacts associated with MPEG. Program inputs and outputs are HD-SDI, paralleled with HDMI outputs for convenient monitoring.

Sixteen embedded audio channels are included. Alternately, two discrete analog audio channels can be connected through rear-panel XLR connectors. 360 Systems bit-for-bit data handling ensures correct playback of Dolby or other forms of surround sound.

See 360 Systems at IBC2009 in Stand 10.A38.