360 Systems and NVerzion join forces for digital workflow

360 Systems and NVerzion have combined resources and technology to create an automation-server solution for broadcasters making the transition from a tape-based environment to digital, file-based workflow.

NVerzion, a supplier of software solutions for the TV broadcast market, is working with 360 Systems to couple its ImageServer line with NControl Lite automation software.

NVerzion software, an entry-level automation package, runs on a Windows PC and operates with VDCP commands. 360 Systems’ ImageServer MAXX operates as a video recorder, three-channel playout server and graphics store (with key-and-fill).

Beyond recording and playing broadcast-quality MPEG-2 video (to 50Mb), it also imports MPEG-2 and DV files over GigE from popular editors like Final Cut Pro and Avid, as well as TARGA files from graphics programs.

ImageServers have been certified to work with more than 27 different automation and remote control vendors as well as the most popular nonlinear editing systems on the market.

For more information, visit www.360systems.com.