1+1 Media Group Boosts QoS With Qligent

Qligent’s Vision software monitors 1+1’s channels as they are delivered by over-the-air, satellite, cable and IPTV.KYIV, UKRAINE—1+1 Media Group is one of the largest media holding companies in Ukraine, offering eight commercial TV channels, delivered nationwide via analog and digital terrestrial TV, 20 cable systems, IPTV and digital platforms. We deliver Ukrainian programming via satellite, such as “1+1 International,” to viewers around the world.

We found ourselves managing a complex network operation involving a mix of technologies, advertising mechanisms and distribution platforms. We also began experiencing issues—such as errors in local ad insertion, encoding and distribution artifacts, and poor signal quality—that had the potential to affect ratings, advertising revenue and brand equity.

In short, we required better visibility of all signal delivery issues occurring across multiple channels and networks, along with a better understanding of the nature of the problems.


To solve this problem, we turned to Qligent—a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis—and implemented its cloud-based Vision platform for Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and verification. With Vision, we now have a centralized, automated and scalable solution that’s based on a cloud-hosted aggregation server.

We initially configured our system with 20 inexpensive, off-the-shelf servers that are located at our main production studio and playout center in Kyiv. These local servers, which run Qligent’s Vision software, are set up to monitor our channels as they’re delivered by over-the-air, satellite, cable and IPTV.

The Vision configuration includes networked probes that capture and send this data to the aggregation server, along with valuable quality metrics and status reports. We can also view compliance recordings of the video for up to 90 days and download the video to any connected device. Additional monitoring points can be added to this cloud-based architecture in a matter of hours for simple scalability.


Vision’s SaaS-based cloud architecture gives us immediate insight into the status of our end-to-end multiplatform network from a single dashboard, based on a simple user interface. We also enjoy powerful monitoring and compliance capability without incurring the technical complexity and headaches that come with having to run and maintain expensive proprietary and complex hardware at our facility. With ready access to dependable QoS and QoE monitoring data, Vision accelerates our ability to identify and resolve the root causes of technical problems that may arise across our channels and delivery platforms. This makes it easier for the 1+1 Media team and our distribution partners to comply with the QoS/QoE standards stipulated by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts.

By basing our monitoring on Qligent’s Vision, we’ve managed to solve our most pressing problem: delivering the high-value Ukrainian programming and uninterrupted network performance our viewers, advertisers and distribution partners expect.

Dmytro Orkusha is deputy CTO, New Technology Development for 1+1 Media Group. He can be reached atd.orkusha@1plus1tv.

For more information, please visitwww.qligent.comor call 321-308-0232.