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Chyron and Cell Journalist Integrate UG Content Into News Graphics

MELVILLE, N.Y., NASHVILLE and NEW YORK:  Chyron announced that it has integrated the company’s CAMIO graphics asset management server with the web-based Cell Journalist application to streamline the incorporation of user-generated video content into a news rundown. This integration enables producers to locate Cell Journalist content through the Associated Press ENPS interface and quickly move it to the CAMIO server for playout to air. With this capability, broadcasters can maximize the value of user-generated content—such as media captured and uploaded by a field journalist or just a person off the street.

“In the past, an integration of this sophistication would have been costly both in terms of development time and money,” said Jim Martinolich, vice president of integration technology at Chyron. “Now, however, we have been able to leverage MOS Redirection, part of the open-standard MOS communications protocol, to simplify the sharing of content among systems.”

Cell Journalist allows users to upload, view, and share images and videos with a news station from mobile devices. Through the integration of Chyron’s CAMIO and Cell Journalist, a producer working in ENPS can locate uploaded stills and video hosted by Cell Journalist and then drag and drop them into a Chyron template and into the newsroom rundown.