USA Network new iOS app has free TV episodes

A growing trend lately is apps from a network that allow watching full series episodes on smartphones and tablets. The latest to fling its hat in the ring is the NBC-owned USA TV network. Love shows like "Burn Notice," "Psych," "Necessary Roughness," "Covert Affairs," "Suits" and "Graceland"? This is the app for you. 

A unique feature of the iOS app is that you can watch the shows a day after they air — you don’t have to wait weeks for new shows to appear. There is also a backlog of older episodes to stream for free. Users only need to verify with their home TV provider credentials, meaning you must verify that you are actually a cable subscriber in order to have access to the content. The app does, however, let you watch some premium content, and selected full episodes, even if you are not an official subscriber. 

The app also includes a suite of bonus content for various shows, including exclusive interviews, a programming guide for USA TV, and behind-the-scenes clips, as well as the ability to share what you are watching via your social networks. USA is a popular network, and this app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini is sure to be just as popular. You can download it for free in Apple’s iTunes store.