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World's largest storage system

Need some storage? Have I got a system for you!

I'm in Boulder, Co attending the yearly Spectra Logic Summit Event. It's a time when the company highlights to press and key storage analysis new products, industry trends and other data storage information.

One of the terms often heard around IT, data and storage circles is "Big Data". These folks think they invented big data. To them, I say, "Big Deal. Video is the ultimate big data application and we've been storing Exabytes of data for decades--mostly on tape.

This year, Spectra Logic decided to highlight their prowess by demonstrating just how large a robotic tape storage system they can build. Let me tell you the scalable T-Finity can grow to monster size. See photo above, 40 cabinets holding more than 50,000 digital tapes.

And, yes, I said tape. Don't let anyone tell you that "tape is dead" because they'd be wrong.

Over the next few blog posts an come upcoming articles on storage, I'll highlight the benefits of tape for archive and backup storage applications. And, maybe offer a few tips on where the experts here think storage is going.

Finally, how about a free coffee?

Take a guess at the storage capacity in Peta or Exabytes of the above Spectra Logic T-Finity storage system.

Use the comments section below, offering your guess the amount of storage offered by the SpectraLogic T-Finity shown above. first closest answer by October 14th, wins a $10.00 Starbucks gift card.