Calrec releases Automixer for Apollo, Artemis consoles

Calrec has announced the release of Automixer, an automatic mixing function, to its Bluefin2 signal-processing engine — the driving force behind its Apollo and Artemis mixing consoles.

Automixer attenuates the output levels of all channels under its control to maintain consistent program levels in environments with multiple open microphones and unpredictable audio content. Users can have eight separate Automixers, each of which can be assigned to control any number of mono input channels and group paths on the control surface. The use of an Automixer applies differing amounts of attenuation to each path, depending on its own level, as well as the overall mix level. Paths can be assigned different levels of emphasis.

Automixers can be selected on a channel-by-channel basis to be placed in the singal path pre-EQ, prefader or postfader. Upstand metering can be configured to show Automixer attenuation alongside signal level on each path.