Apantac launches new multiviewer for 4K at NAB 2013

Apantac launched a new 4K multiviewer at NAB 2013 — the Tahoma ULTRA-4K. The multiviewer is based on the TAHOMA DE, LE, and DL platforms, and boasts four outputs for driving a single monitor with 4K-resolution (3840x2160 pixels). The Tahoma is designed for high-end applications that use 4K monitors or a 2x2 video wall consisting of four 1920x1080 displays.

As with all Tahoma multiviewers, the multiviewer includes an integrated CATx extender for extending video and computer sources up to 115ft.

Tahoma DE-ULTRA and DL-ULTRA are compatible with Tahoma Cynergy, a software option that lets users control all computer inputs on one or multiple Tahoma multiviewers with a single mouse and keyboard, as well as using a skin technology that allows users to customize their on-screen display of graphics including borders, labels, fonts, logos, embedded audio, discrete audio meters and audio/video alarms.