Small Tree Presents 2TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID at Content & Communications World 2010

This October, Small Tree will present its 2TB GraniteSTOR ST-RAID direct attached shared storage system at Content & Communications World 2010 in New York (Booth 962).

Offering real time editing for Final Cut users while supporting 12 streams of ProRes 422HQ with no dropped frames, ST-RAID provides consistent performance over Ethernet networks. The 2TB system is available in 8-, 12- or 16-drive configurations and can be expanded to a second chassis to double the capacity at a much lower cost.

"GraniteSTOR ST-RAID is ideal for creative facilities requiring affordable, high-performance storage technology to maximize workflow," stated Dale Bradshaw, director of communications for Management & Training Corporation, which installed the storage system to eliminate having to copy production files from one desktop to another. "The performance the system achieves over Gigabit Ethernet has enabled our team to optimize its efficiency."

Easy to install and manage, GraniteSTOR ST-RAID enables instant availability and background initialization along with automatic insertion/removal detection and rebuild. For greater flexibility, more storage can be added easily for system expansion.

"ST-RAID delivers the performance video editors need to optimize efficiency at an affordable price," said Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree. "With our 2TB system, we now offer our customers a more robust solution that facilitates their workflow without crippling their budget."

Designer of simple-to-install, affordable Mac-based networking and shared storage products, Small Tree is the premier multi-port Ethernet networking technology provider for OS X customers, enabling cost effective Ethernet shared storage technology. For more information about the company and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC (1-866-782-4622), or visit or follow Small Tree on Twitter @smalltreecomm.