Mwnci Adds Oxygen DCT’s Penta Series Grading Monitors To Its High Quality Equipment List

Cardiff-based independent TV Post Production company Mwnci (Welsh for ‘monkey’) has recently invested in two high-quality Penta Series LCD grading monitors, which were supplied and installed by Oxygen DCT.

Established in 1999, Mwnci specialises in editing film and video for broadcast and is synonymous with quality and cutting edge expertise. Operating from three locations in Cardiff – each of which has 20 edit suites – Mwnci also has studios, an OB truck and satellite links, not to mention an enviable client list that includes Indus films, Disney, Adastra, BBC HD, Prospect pictures to name but a few.

The latest addition to the Mwnci range of facilities is a Baselight Grading suite. Managing Director Rich Moss says: “We wanted a really good monitor for this suite so we looked at a wide range of products. We eventually chose a Penta PDP24 because the combination of keen pricing and high performance was compelling.”

Once the monitor was installed, Moss decided to demo its larger relative, the 47” Penta PDP47.

“I have to admit I was sceptical as, usually, bigger monitors don’t deliver such good picture quality. But when I tried it out I was staggered by just how good it was. Our colourists loved it and our clients picked up on its presence because the larger size meant they could see their projects in more detail.”

Although he had initially only wanted one monitor, Moss ended up buying both. The 47” unit is now permanently installed in the new Baselight Grading suite, while the smaller 24” monitor is ‘free floating’ and is moved around the facility to wherever the client’s job is being finished.

“Oxygen DCT has calibrated them so that they are perfectly set up and show identical colours,” he says. “This inspires confidence in clients because there is absolutely no difference between what they see in the grading suite and what is reproduced in our online suites. Having both monitors is a luxury and wasn’t my initial plan, but it has worked out very well because it enables us to offer our customers an even better service.”

Oxygen DCT’s Penta series monitors are built to order and use only the highest ‘grade A’ LCD panels, combined with precision engineering and manufacture to the most exacting tolerances to ensure that every aspect of the monitors is exactly optimised to give the highest performance. The introduction of 10-bit LCD technology has pushed the quality boundary even further, enabling the recently introduced Penta Gold Series to exceed, in many parameters, the performance of grade 1 CRT reference monitors.

“Numerous broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, C4, RedBee and IMG, have held ‘technical evaluations’ and ‘shoot outs’, choosing Penta Series picture monitors for critical applications within their facilities,” says Oxygen DCT Director Steve Hathaway. “Monitor quality is currently a key issue within the broadcast industry and therefore it is no surprise that all the major broadcasters are turning to Penta to fulfil their quality requirements because these monitors really do give the most astonishing and lifelike colours and results.”

All of the monitors in the Penta Series have a long life cycle and require minimum calibration, which saves broadcast users considerable time and money.

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