DFT Digital Film Technology and Thought Equity Motion Team Up on Film Digitization Project for EYE Film Institute Netherlands

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, announced today that Thought Equity Motion—a leading provider of video platform and rights development services—has purchased and installed a SCANITY Film Scanner, BONES Dailies software and BONES PlayoutMaster system.

Thought Equity Motion is using DFT’s products to drive a film digitization and preservation project for EYE Film Institute Netherlands, which manages Dutch cinematographic heritage and oversees an extensive and internationally prominent audiovisual collection that includes more than 37,000 films.

EYE tasked Thought Equity Motion to deliver a major film digitization and preservation project that involves scanning and storing more than 150 million DPX files.

Thought Equity Motion required a real-time 2K film scanner and accompanying full system solution that could scan and deliver nearly 20 hours of archive film material per week. It also required a complete platform that scans film and audio, synchronizes audio and film scans, color corrects, and converts DPX files to a variety of video or file formats. For each film reel scanned the project demands five sets of deliverables, which are created in a highly automated workflow by the BONES software. Together, SCANITY Film Scanner with the new optical audio scan function, BONES Dailies, and BONES PlayoutMaster provide Thought Equity Motion with a centralized system that significantly enhances and streamlines its workflow.

“After evaluating the available film archive technology on the market, we found that the advanced features of the SCANITY, BONES Dailies, and BONES PlayoutMaster provided us with the high speed scanning, file management tool-set and playout capabilities that our client required,” commented Mark Lemmons, Thought Equity Motion Chief Technology Officer. “SCANITY not only provides us with 2K plus audio film scanning at 25 fps, but it also handles the film so gently, which is necessary for EYE’s wide range of archival material.”

Over the next 24 months, Thought Equity Motion will be scanning more than 1,500 hours of film that ranges from silent films to modern day Dutch cinema, in an effort to preserve the heritage of Dutch cinema and make the archive accessible for theatrical, cultural, educational and commercial use.

“We are proud that Thought Equity Motion selected our products for this prestigious project. Due to the importance of the Archive and Restoration market, we will continue to develop new features in our product portfolio to respond to the market’s requirements," commented Stefan Kramper, Managing Director of DFT Digital Film Technology.