Crystal Vision products will be available for demonstration on the stand of their dealer in India - AGIV India PVT Ltd ( at BES EXPO 2008 (23rd-25th February, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi).

AGIV India PVT Ltd will be using Safire HD 2, Crystal Vision‘s exceptional High Definition digital chroma keyer, in a virtual studio set-up on their stand at the show. The only affordable High Definition chroma keyer, Safire HD 2 provides keying of an outstanding quality with the ability to allow tolerance to difficult colours in the Foreground. Safire HD 2 also works with Standard Definition signals, making it ideal for any live chroma keying application and especially suitable for multi-standard environments. Safire HD 2‘s features include numerous fine adjustments for optimised edges, sophisticated shadow processing, key shrink and internal and external masks. Controlled by the Safire Controller, Safire HD 2 is simple to set up and use and has the ability to work with reflective and transparent objects and can also linear key, mix and wipe. Popular for live virtual studio applications such as news and weather, Safire HD 2 also includes special features for the easy insertion of graphics onto sporting surfaces making it a leading keyer for sports programming.

Working with Safire HD 2 in their virtual studio, AGIV will be using Crystal Vision‘s latest High Definition and Standard Definition interface cards to convert, amplify and distribute the signals generated by the High Definition camera. Amongst the other new HD Crystal Vision products will be Q-Down, a popular broadcast down converter and distribution amplifier, offering a unique level of image quality in its price range. Also available for demonstration will be Crystal Vision‘s latest up/down/cross converters - Up-and-down-S and Up-and-down-A - providing exceptional performance as a result of motion adaptive video de-interlacing and ensuring the best processing method will be chosen to produce the sharpest output picture possible.

Dolby E users should visit the AGIV stand at BES EXPO to see the new features that have been added to the company‘s HD audio embedder/de-embedder - TANDEM HD-21. These include the option to delay the video by a frame to compensate for the delay created by converting to or from Dolby E and extensive Dolby E handling. Also new for Dolby E users is SYNNER-E HD, a video synchroniser for HD or SD video that allows a mixture of Dolby E and standard AES within the same embedded audio group.

The latest additions to Crystal Vision‘s Standard Definition interface range will also be available and include the flexible A to D converters - ADDEC-210 and ADDEC-310. Replacing the previous versions they have gained the ability to work with an RGB input (with either integrated or separate syncs) allowing them to be used with equipment such as DVD players and analogue cameras. ALLDAC, a 12 bit broadcast encoding D to A converter with distribution amplifier, was developed to replace some of Crystal Vision‘s existing encoders, combining in one their best features and offering the best encoding performance yet, with enhanced analogue accuracy and frequency response. Crystal Vision‘s first bi-directional 10 bit aspect ratio converter ARC-10MC provides broadcast quality aspect ratio conversion at an affordable price, making it ideal for all applications. Introduced following a customer request, the latest feature of the ARC-10MC is video index control. This allows users to auto-switch the board to bypass if the input is already in the required aspect ratio, reducing the need for this to be done manually and making it particularly useful for applications involving external video sources where the aspect ratio is often not known in advance. When used with a particular rear module, the ARC-10MC can now offer relay bypass protection so that in the event of power being lost, the input is directly routed to the output, preventing complete loss of the output signal.

The boards on display will be housed in Crystal Vision‘s newest frame type with Ethernet connectivity, allowing easy connection to a computer running Statesman PC control software via a Local Area Network.

Organised by the Broadcast Engineering Society (India), BES EXPO is a combined conference and exhibition featuring products and services from around the world, focusing on the terrestrial and satellite broadcasting industry. Held in the third largest city in India, Delhi offers the visitor a fascinating mix of old and new, culture and history, with plenty to explore both inside and outside the exhibition.

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