Expo Cine, Video, y Television (Telemundo) 2012 Product Preview Wohler Technologies Exhibiting in Booth A13 With Sistemas Digitales en Audio y Video

Company Overview:

Wohler's tradition of innovation began with the creation of the industry's first in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring category and continues today through its development of signal management and monitoring solutions for video, audio, captioning, and loudness applications. Wohler's 2012 acquisition of RadiantGrid Technologies extends this award-winning product line to include the Wohler RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform for efficient file-based content creation and distribution, quality control, and faster-than-real-time transcoding and standards conversion. This new offering, combined with the company's proven, cost-effective confidence monitoring, compliance recording, and content management solutions, ensures high-quality media production across any platform and delivery to any device. More information about Wohler is available at www.wohler.com.

Wohler Products at Telemundo 2012

Wohler RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform

Wohler's RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform enables a more efficient solution for file-based creation, standards conversion, QC, and distribution of media, while augmenting and integrating with trafficking, rights management, linear automation, and business process management systems. At the heart of the platform is RadiantGrid's TrueGrid(TM) enhanced, robust media transformation and parallel processing engine, coupled with an underlying content management fabric that leverages intelligent media processing functions to generate outstanding results at unrivaled speeds. Powered by this engine, RadiantGrid now manages everything from faster-than-real-time transcoding and standards conversion, to more complex processing such as mixed cadence correction, video optimization, audio loudness conformance, and more.

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AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor

Also on display at Telemundo will be Wohler's new dual-input SDI audio monitor, offering Latin American broadcasters high-performance monitoring of embedded audio in 3G/HD or SD-SDI streams at an attractive price point. The 1-RU unit de-embeds and provides metering and monitoring of any or all of the 16 audio channels in the selected 3G/HD or SD-SDI stream. It offers intuitive operation and clear display of levels and other critical information using bright 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays, enabling one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected pair(s) via built-in speakers, headphones, or XLR balanced outputs. The monitor offers a number of convenient capabilities including remote access for setup and storage of user-defined presets via Ethernet and USB connections; gain adjustment/trim on individual audio channels with the ability to assign channels to either or both outputs as well as select or deselect channel pairs; pass-through of both SDI inputs; and re-clocked output of the selected monitored SDI stream.

Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/AMP1-16M_New.zip

RMV16 Multiviewer

Wohler's RMV16 multiviewer gives control rooms and other mission-critical areas the power and flexibility to drive up to 16 separate monitoring windows to a common flat-panel display. The RMV16's mix-and-match design allows broadcasters to select the number of inputs and outputs they require, and to display these sources combined with de-embedding and metering of up to eight audio channels, UMD, timecode, and insertion/display of both clock and still images. The multiviewer accepts inputs including analog composite video, component, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and even 3G, and can provide outputs in VGA, DVI, and HDMI formats. Each screen layout and configuration can be stored to a given preset, allowing for later recall of wall configuration changes set through the system's intuitive GUI. Dual power supplies and air cooling help to ensure reliable performance.

Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RMV16Series.zip

RMQ-230 Quad Split Monitor

The RMQ-230 quad split video monitor allows users to watch video and monitoring data in up to four display windows on a single 23-inch 1920x1080 LED backlight screen. RMQ-230 series monitors accept 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, and HDMI inputs in varying configurations tailored for different monitoring applications. In addition to allowing broadcasters to mix and match video input formats on a single screen, RMQ-230 monitors can display waveform and vectorscope while also providing audio de-embedding metering of up to eight channels, UMD, timecode, and various markers. While the new Wohler LCD monitor can display video and monitoring features in four uniform areas, broadcasters also can configure the system as a single full screen or with one large and three smaller windows, the latter being ideal for simultaneous PC workstation screen and audio/video confidence monitoring usage.

Photo: www.wallstcom.com/Wohler/RMQ-230.zip

Pandora Loudness Analyzer

Pandora is a compact and easy-to-read desktop or rack-mountable monitor that can be employed at any point in the broadcast chain that requires simple, accurate loudness monitoring to ensure compliance with EBU R-128 and other global standards. Through the new Wohler Loudness application, Pandora now allows users to monitor, analyze, and demonstrate audio loudness levels on an iPad(R) or iPod touch(R).

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Company Quote: "I am pleased to be highlighting many of Wohler's award-winning signal processing and content monitoring solutions at Telemundo 2012 in partnership with Sistemas Digitales en Audio y Video. More exciting, we will be introducing broadcasters and customers throughout this region to our RadiantGrid New Media Automation Platform, which supports efficient content creation and multi-platform distribution as well as faster-than-real-time transcoding and standards conversion, making it an ideal choice for today's file-based production workflows." -- Graciela Llamas, CSAM Regional Sales Manager at Wohler Technologies.