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Orad's lineup will include state of the art on-air graphics, studio, sports, MAM, and video server solutions for the broadcast industry

February 8, 2012 – Orad, world leader of award winning, real time, 3D graphics, video servers, and media asset management solutions will be presenting its newest product lineup at the upcoming 2012 NAB Show (booth SL4524). Orad's professionals will be on-site to provide attendees with informative demonstrations and presentations of its on-air, studio, MAM, sports and video server solutions.

“The 2012 NAB Show is the perfect forum to demonstrate our wide variety of unique broadcasting solutions. Visitors to our booth will enjoy exciting interactive demos, giving them a feel for the endless possibilities Orad's solutions can offer,” comments Avi Sharir, President and CEO of Orad. “This NAB Show, Orad will also be presenting some new solutions that will greatly facilitate the production workflow.”

NAB Show 2012 Lineup – What to See at the Orad Booth

Press and attendees are invited to stop by the Orad booth (SL4524) to see Orad's award-winning solutions.

TD Control: Orad’s TD Control allows Technical Directors (switcher operator) to select different video box compositions and assign different video sources to each of the video boxes, enabling tasks that could not have been achieved before, like switching on air from six video sources to completely different video sources with one click of a button.

PowerPlay: PowerPlay is a turnkey solution that manages fast turnaround sports productions from ingest, through instant highlight editing, to dedicated sports media asset management in a post-production environment. PowerPlay is designed to provide a complete solution for large-scale sporting events, focusing on fast turnaround and advanced data management tools.

PlayMaker: PlayMaker, Orad's SD/HD, slow-motion video server, is designed to meet the growing challenges of live sports productions. PlayMaker provides up to 8 I/O channels of high quality ingest in multiple video formats, including DVCpro, DNxHD and JPEG200, with synchronized slow motion replay and powerful yet simple editing tools. With its "PlayNet" module, PlayMaker provides Gigabit network file sharing between servers for preview, copy, or instant playout of clips from remote servers. For an extremely fast turnaround workflow, PlayMaker introduces instant import and export capabilities to almost any storage or NLE environment. PlayMaker supports tapeless workflow with the export and import of video footage to and from NLE systems.

iFind: iFind is a sophisticated media management solution, which provides the user with the ability to manage the essential elements of a complete broadcast server, graphics and archive system from a web browser. Powerful search, workflow and management functionality is available, which can be tailored to a station’s individual requirements to maintain a smooth day-to-day operation. Simple to use, the combination of the iFind user interface and rules engine produces a powerful workflow management system, the benefits of which can be quickly identified to bring a fast return on investment. The system’s iFind Asset Core is the powerful database that underpins the media asset management system, providing flexible, user configurable metadata schemas. In addition, advanced business rules based and process driven workflows enable essential functions such as archiving, restore from archive, clip movement and deletion.

RadioTV: RadioTV enables the automatic broadcast of radio shows, including live videos, real-time 3D graphics and promos, over digital media without human intervention. RadioTV is completely automated and relies on unique audio detection software to identify the talent’s voice and determine which camera should be on air. Camera switching does not require human intervention and the existing workflow is maintained without any additional costs. RadioTV offers a complete set of 3D graphic templates including supers, titles, logos, promos and other elements, and supports the playback of full-frame videos, opening new revenue streams for advertising and sponsorships.

Interact: Orad’s Interact enables television presenters to control and direct the content on their touch screens, video walls and other input devices, helping them engage more with their viewers. Orad now offers its dedicated OradTouch application, which enables presenters to interact with the graphics using their iPad and control the content and flow of production while moving around the production space freely. Interact supports single, dual and multi-touch displays from a variety of manufacturers, allowing broadcasters to choose the device that best suits their production’s style and budget.

MVP: Emmy Award-winning MVP provides fast preparation of captivating sports highlight clips to better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post-game analysis. MVP can be deployed for any sports event and can be used for live productions or highlight shows, from either the OB VAN or the studio, and supports up to 32 different cameras without camera or lens modifications. New enhancement features include: virtual camera flights between two real cameras; viewing a play as it is drawn on the coach’s drawing board comparing the position and technique of individual athletes; drawing a specific player in color on top of a black and white background, and breaking down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the player’s movements, and more.

Maestro: Maestro addresses all broadcasters’ graphic needs for real time, pre- and post-production environments. The latest version of Maestro introduces many interesting features that improve usability in a studio environment, and the connection to external systems and data sources. The new OradControl iPad application enables television anchors to control Maestro graphics by using an iPad. Also new are integrations with Avid's Command and an NLE plugin for Adobe’s Premiere, further expanding Maestro’s extensive list of supported NLE systems.

3DPlay: 3DPlay, Orad's advanced channel branding solution, offers stunning 3D graphics for promo over credits, multiple tickers, video clips playback, etc. 3DPlay covers the entire workflow from integration with traffic, scheduling and automation, to frame accurate graphic playout. 3DPlay offers user management, customized metadata, and logic-based, scripting free graphics.

Morpho: Morpho is a real time, 3D character generator that offers uncompromised creation and playout capabilities from a single user interface. Powerful 3D real time graphics rendering, smart graphic design tools and flexible playout capabilities are packed together, offering an efficient and easy workflow. Creation and playout are performed from a single interface, increasing reactivity in production. Morpho is the perfect solution for branding, OB VAN, news and other studio productions.

ProSet: ProSet, Orad's high-end virtual studio solution, provides a powerful dimension to any virtual studio production. ProSet can utilize any of Orad’s many tracking solutions, including its high-end Xync infrared tracking system with 360 degrees of free camera movement. By combining state of the art tracking with sophisticated graphics, ProSet enables the broadcaster to display a big studio look from a small location.

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