Electro Acoustics, Inc. Chooses Vista Spyder to Create Videowall Effects for New Youth Center at Hillcrest Baptist Church

Fort Worth-based Electro Acoustics, Inc. has selected a Vista Spyder X20 to create powerful videowall effects in the new youth center at Hillcrest Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas. Primarily a design-build firm, Electro Acoustics works with architects and clients to provide turnkey audio, video, acoustics, lighting and control systems.

Having designed and built technical systems for the sanctuary in Hillcrest's main building, Electro Acoustics returned to configure the main worship room for the new youth center which hosts dynamic REVO Meetings on Wednesday evenings for middle school and high school students.

"The meetings feature cool technology and great bands," reports Chris Jordan, president and chief steward of Electro Acoustics. "They make it fun and exciting for the kids to connect with others and see how worship can have an impact on their lives."

The room is outfitted with a 27 x 13-foot DaLite video screen, six 6,000 lumen Panasonic DW6300 DLP(r) rear-screen projectors and a Spyder X20 video/widescreen display processor. "The screen spans the width of the stage and stretches down to the stage floor," Jordan explains. "We use the Spyder to create videowall effects; we can fill the entire screen with a single image, display six 3x3 segments, and overlay windows that fly in, fly out and dissolve. We can display virtual backdrops, like forests and lakes; lyrics to worship songs in windows on top of backdrops; video clips used as teaching tools in other windows; and live IMAG of the musicians."

The Vista Spyder video processor is a powerful, flexible and easy to use technology. With up to 20 million-pixel display capacity from a single frame, it allows for multiple outputs from the same box, with up to 2048 x 1200 resolution on each output. It also accepts virtually any input up to 2048 x 1200 and features 12-bit scaling for the highest quality images.

Jordan points out that the Spyder is "the only product available that could accomplish everything we needed to do at the quality level required. It enables us to have live feeds, dynamic sizing of windows, special effects and dissolves - all the features we need."

In addition, the Spyder offered ease of operation for the main worship room. "The kids are the ones using the system," Jordan notes. "We installed a Crestron touch screen control system that recalls presets to the Spyder so it's very easy to run. But the Spyder has almost unlimited features, and the kids have gotten deep into the system. It provides a real opportunity for them to learn new technology and be involved in the ministry."

Vista was "extremely helpful" in Electro Acoustics' choice of the Spyder and provided onsite end-user training on the system. "Everyone at Vista was very interested in the project and proactive," says Jordan. "They took care of our needs and the needs of our client."

At Electro Acoustics David Chappell was project manager for the main worship room, Doug Viere, engineer and Brandon Ware, system programmer.

About Vista Systems

Vista Systems was recently acquired by Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, to create a comprehensive source for image processing and projection solutions. The acquisition combines the power and flexibility of Vista's video switchers and real-time windowing and composition products with the power, performance and reliability of award-winning Christie projection systems. Vista Systems' switchers have become the industry standard for live multiple-destination video and data mixed signal switching. For more information on Vista Systems, visit their website at www.vistasystems.net.