XenData Archiving Technology Plays Key Role in Re:fine's Broad Solutions Portfolio

XenData Archiving Technology Plays Key Role in Re:fine’s Broad Solutions Portfolio

Re:fine archiving and storage technology powered with XenData software benefits leading global players in the media and entertainment industry

WALNUT CREEK, CA – January 10, 2011 – XenData, developer of digital video archiving solutions, today announces its recent partnership with Re:fine, a leading provider of media asset management solutions to the media and entertainment industry. Under the agreement, XenData’s X64 Edition software is used by Re:fine to manage a Sony PetaSite data tape library, creating a highly scalable robotic deep archive.

The deep archive is a core component in Re:fine’s technology infrastructure, enabling the company to provide a broad range of services to its clients. These services include content ingest, digital archiving and multi-channel playout. Re:fine’s clients span the media and entertainment industry and include some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

At Re:fine’s facility in London, XenData’s X64 Edition software runs on Windows servers and manages a large Sony PetaSite LTO tape library. The XenData software presents the digital contents of the robotic library in a standard file system which integrates easily with an OmniBus automation system. The XenData software has the functionality and flexibility needed for Re:fine’s range of services: it supports multiple LTO tape pools which is ideal for separating content from different clients; it provides automatic LTO cartridge replication for high data integrity; and the XenData solution provides scalability in terms of both total storage capacity and data throughput.

“The XenData solution has been essential in providing Re:fine with an enterprise level HSM (Hierarchical Storage Manager) solution for our Sony PetaSite, a robotic deep archive,” stated James Gibson, Re:fine CTO. “The archive is a core component to Re:fine’s technology solution, enabling services ranging from linear playout to library management. For us to be able to offer such a broad spectrum of services from a single technology stack requires reliable components that seamlessly integrate with other “best of breed” vendors. XenData achieves this with its high level of stability, and simple yet effective integration with OmniBus, enabling us to confidently provide our clients high service levels.”

“We’re delighted to be playing a key part in Re:fine’s state-of-the-art technology infrastructure,” stated Dr. Phil Storey, co-founder and CEO of XenData. “Our software creates an enterprise archive which can be easily used simultaneously by multiple applications. I believe that this is the major reason why we are a good fit for Re:fine’s demanding requirements.”

About XenData

XenData is a leading provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry. XenData systems and software deliver the high-performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video applications. XenData software is build on industry standards, providing a standard file system interface and archiving to data tape using the POSIX tar format. TV stations, media service providers, post production organizations and global broadcasters using XenData standards based approach benefit from significant cost-savings, ease of integration with other standards-based systems as well as long-term assured access to their video files. With hundreds of digital video archive installations worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest broadcasters and networks.

About Re:fine

Re:fine is a leading media asset management company providing technology solutions that help broadcasters, production companies, TV distributors and multichannel operators manage their content in the most cost-efficient way. Our technology is based on the state-of-the art automated content management system, which controls the entire content flow from initial content ingest to digital archiving to multiplatform content steaming and playout. Re:fine’s core competence is based on the in-house developed B2B media management solution supported by superior infrastructure, connectivity, and flexible customer service.

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