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AXON’S Synapse keeps it simple with SynLite

AXON ( will introduce at this year’s NAB (booth N1119) seven basic, straightforward and easily affordable modules which will meet the basic application’s needs. For that AXON has created SynLite - a series of modules for frame synchronizing (a.o. HFS05T), embedding (HEB05), de-embedding (HDB05), up- (HSU05) and down (HDS05) conversion. Developed by AXON and based on industry leading knowledge in the modular video and audio interfacing, conversion and processing solutions market, the Synapse product range has grown rapidly over recent years. Its combination of technical excellence and operational reliability has helped make Synapse the platform of choice for modular broadcast infrastructure solutions around the world.

The fast-pace of developments in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), memory and CPU technologies, combined with smart engineering, have significantly increased the functionality that can be implemented within each Synapse slot. Many functions, that only recently required separate 19-inch boxes, have now been integrated as functions or options on a Synapse card. This makes Synapse the most compact and flexible modular broadcast infrastructure solution available.

Combined with the powerful Cortex control and monitoring software platform Synapse has no equal in the industry.

Straightforward design: Neat Solution

Despite these new capabilities and functionality, there will always be a class of applications where all these options and features could result in an over engineered solution. Preferably, more basic, straightforward and easily affordable modules will meet the application’s needs.

To address that need, Axon has created SynLite - a series of modules for a.o. frame syncing, embedding, de-embedding, up- and down conversion. Based on the same robust and high quality design as the other Synapse modules, SynLite modules are ready for heavy-duty use.

Importantly, Synlite modules come at a very attractive price. They are fully compatible with all Synapse and Cortex products and can be mixed and matched with all other modules from the Synapse range.