Drive Support Allows for Massive Data Transfer and Archive Storage

NEW YORK – The newly formed SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, is pleased to announce that the Gravity Media Asset Management system family of products now supports Galaxy® HDX3 RAID storage from Rorke Data and InfiniVault® secure archive storage from ProStor Systems for compliance monitoring.

“Data intensive is the key phrase for every application involving HD video and audio,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV, Inc. “The resulting massive storage requirements are critical for both retrieval and processing applications, and secure archiving, and especially for compliance applications. We are very excited to be able to offer our customers the benefits of both the Rorke Data and ProStor InfiniVault storage solutions for this data-hungry world.”

Continuing the successful, 24-year relationship between Solid State Logic and Rorke Data, the Gravity Media Asset Management system support for the Galaxy HDX3 RAID storage system is good news for Gravity users. The HDX3 is a 6th generation design that delivers the increased performance and enhanced feature sets necessary for high performance, mission critical and data intensive environments. Galaxy HDX3 uses its latest design improvements along with the fastest disk drive technologies to create a highly reliable, powerful workhorse system for Gravity systems.

According to Rorke Data, the RAID engine’s new faster dual processors, along with the doubling of the disk drive backplane interface speeds, increases performance by at least 40% over the previous HDX2. Features include: increased scalability to support up to 112 hard drives using SAS multi-lane expansion JBODs; “Green Design” for an 80% efficient power supply and smart drive spindown that can save up to 60% of its energy consumption and new flash memory cache that is used to protect write data during a power failure (this is coupled with an increased 3-year BBU life cycle that powers this cache process during a power failure, securing data integrity). Galaxy HDX3’s modular design includes hot-swappable drives, fans, redundant power supplies and controller modules, making maintenance simple without service interruption.

“We are proud to have earned the right to support and supply Solid State Logic for all these years,” says Bob Herzan, vice president of sales for Rorke Data Inc. “We continue to work closely with SSL and SSL DV as an extension to their own engineering staff. Rorke and SSL bring a powerful combination of hardware and software together, along with professional services, to solve some of the most challenging media management issues the industry has today.”

Compliance monitoring, recording and archiving is a major requirement for many broadcast, government, education and corporate applications, making secure data archiving a must-have feature for Gravity. The ProStor InfiniVault is an industry-leading solution for the cost-effective, long-term storage of digital information, where, unlike other disk-based storage systems, the drive rack includes RDX® removable disk technology that provides all the access and performance benefits of online storage with the economic benefits of offline storage.

ProStor InfiniVault is designed to help automate business rules associated with corporate policies, government regulations and legal requirements necessary for compliance applications. To this end, ProStor InfiniVault offers data immutability through non-erasable, non-alterable storage using hardware enforced WORM on the RDX removable disks; data authenticity offering content addressable storage with sophisticated hash algorithms that can be used to verify all content; automatic data retention and deletion policies; and encryption of removable media using AES-256 encryption for regulations that require it.

“The overwhelming access to on-demand media and information, anytime and anywhere via the internet, on-demand television, mobile phones, and social media platforms has forever changed the time-to-market and monetization model for media companies and the post facilities that service them,” adds Buzz Walker, vice president of marketing for ProStor Systems. “Media companies are embracing new business workflows that address the growing challenge of seamlessly and efficiently turning digital media content into delivery-ready file based assets, and delivering them across a myriad of media platforms, all-the-while trying to ensure its quality and security. ProStor InfiniVault is the perfect complement to SSL’s Gravity MAM system and the Rorke Galaxy HDX3 storage system with ProStor’s focus on regulatory compliance and data security – which is key concern in DRM (Digital Rights Management) workflows.”

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company offers comprehensive advanced turnkey Gravity Digital Asset Management and rapid media production systems serving the entertainment, broadcast, education, corporate and government markets. Systems can be configured for small workgroups up to multi-location enterprise systems. For more information on our products or services please visit us on the Web at: