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Nevion announces upgrades throughout its award-winning Ventura video transport platform

Nevion announces upgrades throughout its award-winning Ventura video transport platform

Industry-first 1.5G mathematically lossless compression and 3G upgrades are among enhancements

Sandefjord, Norway and Oxnard, California, March 10, 2011: Nevion, formerly Network VPG, a leading video networking provider for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, is announcing upgraded product offerings across its Ventura platform of video transport solutions. Together, the award-winning product family offers the lowest-latency, highest bitrate solutions across all network infrastructures.

The Ventura VS901 JPEG 2000 compression series now compresses 3G as well as HD-SDI/SD-SDI with no blocking, tiling or motion dependence. The extremely low latency and high visual quality meet the exacting demands of interactive, live event or any delay-sensitive applications, guaranteeing quality with absolute minimal degradation through multiple encode/decode cycles. The new module features 1.5G mathematically lossless compression, with compression ratios as low as 5:3, a first for the industry.

The implications of this extremely low latency solution are far reaching. “With this level of compression, JPEG 2000 is the ideal engine for mapping and transporting production and contribution quality HD video over IP networks using the ubiquitous and cost effective Gig-E network interface,” said Andrew Osmond, Nevion’s VP of engineering for Media Networks. “With a video payload of around 600Mbps, nearly all HD content can be compressed, transported and de-compressed with mathematically lossless accuracy. This is the first time that this will be possible with transmission through a network connection that has a lower bandwidth than the data rate of a broadcast television signal.”

Also new to Nevion’s JPEG 2000 compression series, the VS901-AIED-GE-LX module can map compressed video to Gigabit Ethernet or to ASI on the same Ventura module.

“The enhancements to our VS901 series illustrate the power of our FPGA-based codecs. We’ve raised the bar so that Ventura now boasts not only the lowest-latency JPEG 2000 compression but also the highest bitrate,” said newly appointed director of Ventura product management Andy Rayner. “These advances are available to new and existing customers alike.” Talking about the up and coming roadmap, Andy said, “We have an exciting few months ahead with many new innovative and unique features being developed for the Ventura platform. We eagerly anticipate sharing some of these with our customers.”

Additions and upgrades to Ventura’s signal processing will also be showcased at NAB. Multiplexing a mix of signals over OC-48c/STM-16 network infrastructures, the Ventura VS811 multiplexer/ demultiplexer now also features a direct Ethernet data connection, providing greater flexibility in mixed-protocol environments. Also being announced are a new single-channel version of Nevion’s multi-format transmitter/receiver/transceiver (VS251-3G-JM-SFP), and a new attractively-priced analog to digital converter (VS662-ADC-SFP).

All Ventura products feature NEBS Level 3 certification for operation in harsh environments and strictly adhere to ISO, SMPTE and DVB-ASI video standards for signal performance and integrity.

About Nevion

Moving beyond video transport to fully managed and controlled video networking, Nevion manufactures award-winning systems for broadcasters, service providers and government agencies worldwide. Highly modular solutions encompass IP and optical transport, state-of-the-art compression and routing for any video format over any network infrastructure—within buildings or across continents. With the industry’s greenest and most scalable products, Nevion preserves quality while delivering video from content acquisition through distribution. Whether by creating new service-offering opportunities or minimizing costs, Nevion enables its customers to move, manage and monetize video content. World headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, with U.S. headquarters in Oxnard, CA; Nevion also maintains offices in Oslo, Chicago, London, Dubai, Beijing and Singapore.