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ScheduALL Powers Andrita Media Center

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — July 16, 2008 — Andrita Media Center, the largest independent high-definition (HD) digital media facility on the West Coast, has joined the ranks of leading media and broadcasting organizations that are driving their businesses with the ScheduALL Enterprise Resource Management system. At Andrita, ScheduALL provides the end-to-end solution for booking and managing all facilities, resources, and personnel, and seamlessly creates client invoices from this information.

Based in Los Angeles, Andrita is a 106,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art HD facility fully equipped to provide a one-stop-shop for production professionals. The campus includes three television production stages; two HD/SD production control rooms; a radio studio; and office, dressing, editing, and support facilities. The media center was acquired in April 2008 by current owner and operator Broadcast Facilities, Inc. (BFI). BFI is lead by President and Chief Operating Officer Bill Tillson and Chief Executive Officer Simon Bax.

Prior to ScheduALL, Andrita relied on a combination of basic desktop applications to schedule and manage the facility. The invoicing, accounts receivable, and client data also were handled with separate systems.

"We were entering data manually because we were a captive facility for a single client and we did not have a need for a sophisticated system. Today, we've expanded to track multiple clients which has made our billing processes much more complex," said Tillson. "With 20 networks on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a number of new networks about to launch — as well as three sound stages and 40 edit bays to manage — ScheduALL has become essential to our operations."

At Andrita Media Center, ScheduALL automates all aspects of a client project, creating a seamless workflow beginning with the scheduling of various production and post-production resources. Throughout this process, ScheduALL captures and tracks necessary data such as billable hours spent in a given facility. ScheduALL also eliminates redundant data entry and accelerates the invoicing process by automatically feeding the data into the accounting process for final invoicing upon the project's completion. At every stage in the project, Andrita personnel can access the central view of all key project information to make decisions based on real-time data for bookings, hours spent, and costs incurred to date.

Recently, the facility extended its current ScheduALL system to include the Media Manager module, which will allow Andrita to organize, store, and track its media assets as they move through the workflow. Fully integrated with ScheduALL, Media Manager seamlessly manages work orders, trafficking, shipping, and duplication areas of the system.

"ScheduALL is the industry standard for enterprise resource management. There really is no other solution available to manage the many complex resources within a facility as large as ours," said Tillson. "The system was designed and developed by people who grew up in the broadcast industry, and they understood our business walking in the door."

"Andrita Media Center has become synonymous with turnkey, top-quality delivery of some of today's most popular entertainment, and we're pleased that ScheduALL is playing such an important role," said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL. "Andrita is among many top production and origination facilities that have embraced ScheduALL as the key to delivering the highest quality output possible, and in the end, maximizing profits on every project."

More information about ScheduALL and its software solutions is available online at

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About Broadcast Facilities, Inc.

Broadcast Facilities, Inc. (BFI) is a media services company that owns and operates Andrita Media Center, a state-of-the-art high-definition studio, located in Los Angeles, that provides 24/7 HD and SD network origination, playback, and satellite uplinking, as well as transcoding, encoding, VOD delivery, and three SD/HD production stages, together with a full range of support facilities. For more information and a complete list of capabilities, please visit

About ScheduALL

ScheduALL is the leading provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software for the broadcast and media industry. With more than 1,200 worldwide clients within the broadcast, satellite, and production facilities, ScheduALL is clearly recognized as the partner of choice for operational management software solutions.

ScheduALL's software offers comprehensive workflow and resource management capabilities that enable clients to optimize personnel, resource, and bandwidth utilization in a way that directly translates into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable product sets provide a collaborative platform for users in the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. ScheduALL clients include BBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, CBC, ABC Australia, RTL, and NewSkies Satellites. More information is available at