High Resolution Systems Announces UDC 3.2.3, a Major New Software Upgrade

High Resolution Systems LLC has announced UDC 3.2.3, a major new release for the UDC-400, the company's software-based Universal Device Controller, which has quickly become the product of choice for the live event, staging and rental, worship, corporate industrial and broadcast markets.

The new software upgrade offers additional support for a wide array of devices from monitors and routers to projectors and lighting consoles; improvements to a number of existing features; plus expanded functionality. Beta versions of UDC 3.2.3 are available now with the official release expected this fall.

Support for new devices leads the extensive list of selling points for UDC 3.2.3. "It marks a pretty big expansion of the roster," says sales engineer Drew Taylor. "It's been almost entirely driven by customers who want specific device control and by the need to support additional types of control protocols, such as infrared remote control (IR) and contact closure."

Among the new devices supported by the software release are:

*LG LCD monitors

*Avitech multiviewers

*Vista Systems URS

*PowerPoint PCs

*Global Cache IR and contact closure devices

*Kiss-Box contact closure and IP-to-serial devices

*Blackmagic Videohub routers

*Barco MatrixPRO routers

*Barco ImagePRO signal processors

*Barco Encore presentation systems

*BrightSign Digital Signage playback

*PESA matrix IP and serial routers

*Abekas Mira broadcast video servers

*Synchromesh video servers

*ETC lighting consoles under UDP Ethernet or serial control

*Opengear IP-to-power strip controllers

*Canon projectors

In addition, improvements to a group of feature sets provide greater efficiency and functionality for UDC-400 users.

The new software improves the TCP engine to support all types of TCP devices, while improved DMX and ArtNet translation enhances capabilities that users are employing on major live shows and broadcasts.

A greatly improved web server feature includes better sizing and scaling of controller interfaces on iPad, Android and Windows plus improved speed and reliability and additional web server security. New multiple user and access support for the web server will prove popular for a lot of applications, Taylor predicts, as will automatic refresh to push changes to all clients without having to refresh or manually download configuration changes.

New features of the software encompass a variety of applications designed to appeal to many UDC-400 user groups.

Support will now be available for standard broadcast protocols, including Odetics, Amp, BVW-75 and Sony 9-pin for controlling broadcast playback devices. "Customers are using the UDC-400 in broadcast facilities, and we're pleased to be able to offer them greater control of video playback, screen switching, even changing lights and light presets in the studio," says Taylor.

The new software release also adds command synchronization for use with synch-rolling playback machines, a feature originally designed for a customer who was synch rolling AJA KiPros for simultaneous play.

New PowerPoint control using the UDC-R application includes live preview of the remote PowerPoint computer on an iPad through the webserver feature. Also originally designed for a customer, High Resolution recognized the implication for boardrooms, corporate installations and events - "any arena where the presenter is displaying a PowerPoint presentation and would like a cool way to control the presentation and get a preview on his iPad or tablet" Taylor says.

Also new is keyboard control, which allows left and right keyboard arrows to cycle through buttons on a controller; added support for IR devices with the Global Cache partnership and devices; and sending and receiving of contact closures through Kiss-Box and Global Cache IP-based contact closure products.

High Resolution is well known for adding features to the UDC-400 and the UDC Software to meet specific requests by customers. Once tested and proven in these applications the company can then offer these new features to the growing pool of UDC-400 users. "The core engine of our software has been tested quite a bit," notes Taylor. "Now we're adding to the strong foundation we've already built."

He points out that the UDC-400's future users stand to benefit from current customers. "The direction we get from our customers allows us to develop a software platform that builds upon itself and gets better and better the more people use it."

About High Resolution Systems

High Resolution Systems is a company with a strong systems engineering and applications background. Its founders have decades of experience in the audio visual rental and staging industry, broadcast applications, A/V installations and system design. This combined experience allows them to provide the highest possible quality solutions to its customers in the most efficient manner. For more information, visit www.hrscontrol.com.