CPC Captioning System Interfaces With Omneon Server

December 11, 2008
CPC-Computer Prompting & Captioning Co., based in Rockville, Md., has announced the release of new software that will enable the export of DVCPro HD files with closed captioning directly to Omneon video file servers.

The company’s MacCaption HD now contains this feature and improves workflow, as it no longer requires caption creators to have to export their work to tape before loading it on the server.

As Omneon Spectrum servers can ingest HD-SDI with closed captioning information via an optional DVCPRO HD Media Port, which creates a DVCPRO HD QuickTime file with closed captioning that can be edited with most NLEs.

CPC’s application preserves the content’s original captions and re-encodes edited captions with an assemble caption feature. The pre-captioned video is edited and an XML document is exported containing the EDL. This is read by MacCaption-HD, which produces a new caption file for the final version of the video content.

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